Your Words

Your Words.

Words are interesting to me, maybe because they are everywhere and used every day. I really don’t know why but it is true that I love words. I am realizing that part of my interest in words is understanding their meaning but more importantly I think I like finding new words and new meanings. And what I also realize has started by Thinking Words is that people are talking more and more about words. I am learning there are so many people who have the same interest in words, there really is a community of people who want to talk about words. It’s enlightening and exciting to hear my friends talking about words.

Throughout the days, I am having the the same old conversations that we typically have about work, kids, friends, etc but now we are also talking about our “words”.  As we talk about one word, more words are shared, within minutes several words are being thought about.

I met a friend for coffee today, he shared his favorite word with me. Another person on Facebook shared her favorite word. My colleagues, several of them, have shared their favorite words. All these words are intriguing to me and the reasons and stories that go with them are great too.  So, here we are a new page on Thinking Words. This will hopefully be a place where others can come, maybe my friends will start the discussion (I know you all have words, you’ve shared them with me!), and share your words and your stories – for our community.



  1. Not sure if this will be the right format, but one of my words is “couth.”

    Couth [ kooth ]
    very sophisticated: showing very good manners or great social sophistication

    social sophistication: very good manners or great social sophistication
    [Late 19th century. Back-formation <uncouth]

    Clearly it has to be about social sophistication because couth in a scrabble game won't net you many points unless your hitting a TL with the H. It's a word that comes from my college days shared among a bunch of fraternity guys trying to figure out who we wanted to be when we grew up. Ironically, we badgered the word any chance we could…"be couth" or "don't be uncouth," and I'm pretty sure our group didn't fulfill the definition.

    It seems particularly interesting now that the mere definition of socially sophisticated has changed with the likes of twitter, facebook, and the like. Odd that I'm resurfacing on a friend's blog nearly 20 years on.

    Thanks friend for starting!

  2. What a great word, couth – love it. And your entry made me chuckle.

  3. my word is “luminous”
    1.radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright.
    2.lighted up or illuminated; well-lighted: the luminous ballroom.
    3.brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer or a writer’s works: a luminous concept; luminous prose.
    4.clear; readily intelligible: a concise, luminous report.
    I find i also love most of the synonyms for luminous:
    1. lucid, radiant, resplendent, brilliant. 3. bright, intelligent. 4. understandable, perspicuous

    I love this word because not only is it lovely to say, it also is not vague or ambiguous in any way- when I see or think or hear the word luminous, it signifies clarity and brightness to me, no matter what the context is.Luminous to me is lighting up the room when you walk in, it is the lightbulb over the head when you have a great idea, it is my memory of my Nana’s crepe-paper skinned face lit up with her smile. I recently posted on Facebook about the book ” The Lovely Bones” vs. the film of the same name, and used the words “luminous and disturbing” to describe the book. It was funny to me that a book could elicit both of those adjectives, and that they could both be right to me. Your blog is really making me think of words in a whole new light, Amber- you might say it is “luminous”!

  4. Luminous, what a happy word. I have just added this to my vocabulary, thank you for this gift. I love the part about the memory of your Nana’s crepe-paper skinned face lit up with her smile. Thank you, Dayna for taking the time to read and comment on Thinking Words. I appreciate your friendship and support.

  5. I like the word excitement.

  6. My favorite word is Curious.
    The original meaning evolved from “eager to know” through “anxious, inquisitive, diligent, odd” even to “erotic”.
    I love the word and I love being curious. To me it opens the possibility to learn something, to wonder, to be open to magic or unexpected.

    Recently I saw a feedback form that had “I liked:” and “I wonder:” fields to fill out. What a great idea to switch from a negative feedback to curiosity. Criticism divides people, but we can be curious together.

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