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In Loving Memory ….

Memory: the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information something remembered from the past   We sat on the curb on the side of the street almost nightly and laughed at things that at the time would make us laugh so hard that we would both start crying. Now, honestly, for the life of me I can’t remember ...

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leg·a·cy  [ léggəssee ] bequest made in will: money or property that is left to somebody in a will something from past: something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time outdated or discontinued: associated with something that is outdated or discontinued Death seems to be everywhere in my world lately. I have had so many people around ...

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friend [ frend ]  somebody emotionally close: somebody who trusts and is fond of another acquaintance: somebody who thinks well of or is on good terms with somebody else ally: an ally, or somebody who is not an enemy Have you ever watched a child interact with other children? It is amazing how quickly two children become friends with one another. Its almost ...

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