What is ThinkingWords?

Has something ever happened that caused you to stop and think? And even after stopping for minutes to think, that thought sticks with you for what seems like hours, days or even months? This happens to me all the time. The things that cause me to stop almost in my tracks are words, I’m intrigued by words for many reasons and my friends are often intrigued by my use (or misuse of words). I’ve been told that I think too much. I often use the wrong word or misuse words. I’m a horrible speller and I believe it is because I’m a horrible speller that also causes me to mispronounce words regularly.

I think about things big and small, after all I am a mother of two wonderful young children, a wife to a terrific husband, and a full-time Organizational Effectiveness Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies. I have a lot to think about everything from: what will my children eat for dinner tonight, to what will my husband and I do on our kid-free night, to how will I address a room full of 150 senior-level managers Monday morning, to what will the world be like in 20 years when my children are in their mid-twenties. As I think about all these things and much, much more, I always think about the hidden meanings. I look for reasons beyond the  potential obvious as to why certain things happen. I analyze words but I am horrible with numbers. I talk, a lot. I’ve been told I have a way with words, an ability to take things, complicated or not, and communicate them in a way that is interesting, inspiring and

It is because of my love of words, my love of writing (and talking), and my need to connect with people that I launched ThinkingWords. I have a vision that others will come to this blog and enjoy the posts, think about the hidden meanings in life (big or small meaning), form a community and enjoy in connecting. I also believe if you stumbled across this blog, you’ll enjoy being here and you might just find yourself thinking about something differently because of reading about a somewhat simple word. My hope is that ThinkingWords is not a destination but a journey, for each of us.

Oh and I have to share some legal stuff, it’s important, so please read. The views and opinions shared on ThinkingWords are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of anyone I interact with in my personal or professional life. These views also do not represent any corporate identity that I may be connected to presently or in the past. When referencing names on ThinkingWords, I have their permission to do so. If you happen to read an entry and know the situation, person or company I am referring to, I ask that you not state these specific details without written permission from me first.



  1. Amber,

    Congratulations on the launch of Thinking Words. It’s a great idea and I love that you’ve put yourself out there and created a space for us to reflect on the power of language to shape our perception and vice versa.

    I look forward to the weeks and months ahead and thinking about our thinking!

    Best wishes,

  2. So many thoughts! I partcularily enjoyed the reality post.. Hmmmmmm :)

  3. Love your site. Can you expound in your beautiful way about the words “its” and “it’s”…..I want to take out carving knife and slash those apostrophes when “it’s” is used incorrectly. What is wrong with me ? Those clenched-teeth must stem from my reactions to some very cranky fourth grade grammar teacher, yes ?
    Thank you for sharing any thoughts about the two “it” words.

  4. Hi Amber — well finally made it to your blog tonight. I love the format and the roadtrip on the highway through your thought processes, well done. When do you find the time?

  5. I took the time to read your “Thinking Words”. Here are two words: thought provoking! I loved it. You are a talented writer. Good job!

  6. Love your blog Amber!

  7. Congratulations and fabulous URL.

  8. Heather Mehra-Pedersen

    Love it!!!

  9. Kristin Stuart Dawson

    You’re awesome!!!!

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