con·trol [ kən trṓl ]

  1. manage: to exercise power or authority over something such as a business or nation
  2. operate machine: to work or operate something such as a vehicle or machine
  3. restrain or limit something: to limit or restrict somebody or something, e.g. in expression, occurrence, or rate of increase



I’ve had several people tell me recently control is an illusion. Boy is that correct. I have decided to surrender to the fact that nothing and no one can be controlled. Maybe if we all took a step back and stopped trying to control people or things life would become a little bit easier.

What I have recently been reminded of is that the one thing I can control is myself. I can control my reaction to bad news, sadness, frustration and even happiness. I can control how much I work or don’t work. How I take care of myself. What and who I choose to pay attention to and what and who I don’t.

A wise person in my life told me this week that we all have relationships that we take for granted and we might not even realize it until something happens. He recommended not letting life pass me by with amazing relationships being taken for granted. He told me to take care of me and to focus on me. The wise man is the President of the company I work for, who also told me to focus on my health, my family and really what is important to me in life.

I received some not-so-good medical news again, the story continues as I go about this journey called life. What it has made me realize is that over the last year, I lost sight, I lost control, of what and who is important to me. What I realized is that one of the most important relationships that I take for granted is the relationship with myself. Somehow, what I lost control of during this last year was doing what I love to do. One of the things I love to do is write here, on ThinkingWords. So here I am, I’m back!

Time to start writing again – time to take control of what I can. Taking time to do what I love is something I can control – this control is not an illusion.

Short and sweet … surrender to what you can not control and take control of what you can control.

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  1. Amber! You’re back – we have missed you!!! Thanks for writing and looking forward to even more posts. You’re an inspirational writer AND person. Take back control – love you.

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