moun·tain [ mównt’n ]
  1. high point of land: a high and often rocky area of a land mass with steep or sloping sides
  2. large pile: a large pile or heap of something
  3. large amount: a large amount of something


When life is great, go to the mountains. When life sucks, go to the mountains. I grew up skiing, I need to officially thank my parents. I think one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children is to teach them how to ski at a young age. It is one of those things that as an adult they will appreciate the fact that they learned how to ski as a kid. My husband on the other hand, learned how to ski as an adult. He’s done pretty good after three seasons of skiing and a handful of lessons. He has no fear – very different than me. I don’t believe I would have been able to learn how to ski as an adult, so again, I thank my parents for letting me learn as a kid.

It was important to me that our kids learned how to ski at a young age. We first took them up to the mountain three years ago, they were four and five. We skied for one season a handful of times and made good progress. The second year of skiing, well, we weren’t able to ski because of my surgery so we took a year off. Then last season, we went up again. Good progress was made with the kids, skiing as a family actually started to become enjoyable. This season, well, the season just started but we’ve already been up twice as a family and I took the kids one additional time – all within the last six days. In fact, the day I took the kids alone was the day after Christmas, which happens to be my birthday. It was the best birthday – ever, yes ever, is what I said. Happy kids, goregous mountains, beautiful weather and awesome powder. Great day!

What I have always known but have recently been reminded of is the beauty of the mountains. We just got home about an hour ago from night skiing. Driving down the mountain at night was goregous. The trees are full of snow, the moon was small, but noticeaable. The night seemed peaceful and still. It is the same when you are on the mountainn during the day. There is beauty everywhere you look. Even if it’s blizzard conditions, the mountains are goregous. The world slows down when you are on the mountain. All the bad is forgotten about, all the good in the world is top-of-mind. Afterall, you are on top of the moutain, so that often feels like you’re on top of the world. I love riding the chair lift up and looking at the beauty and then skiing down feeling like you can do anything.

I’ve had my fair share of frustrating moments while skiing, especially over the years as we’ve taken the kids. The cold weather, young kids and a million “Mommy, can you help me …” is enough to cause frustration for anyone at times. Yet, what I also know is that when I’m on the mountain I smile a lot, so do my kids and my husband. Actually, each time I’m on the slopes, almost everyone around me is smiling, a lot.

If you’re a skier (or snowboarder) look around next time you’re on the slopes – many people will be smiling all around you. You’ll probably be smiling too. If you’re not a skier or snowboarder, go up to the mountain and go sledding. If you aren’t into sledding, just go up to the mountains. You won’t regret the beauty all around you. You’ll probably find if you’re in a bad mood, you’re mood will improve. If you’re in a good mood, well, it might just get even better. May we all have the chance to experience the beauty of the mountains.

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